Kimberli Halpin Estimate Results
Lead Trainer: Kimberli Halpin

Kimberli is passionate about training. She began using Xactimate when it was on 5 1/4" floppy disks with no sketch for her family's contracting business.  Since then she has worked in the insurance restoration field for commercial and residential structure and content losses.  She believes teaching a tool is not enough, you have to put the tool in context. Kimberli's students walk away confident to start using Xactimate that day.

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Kimberli's Bio:

Expert Xactimate Estimator - experienced in property and casualty claims consulting, restoration and contents project management.
Xactimate Certified Trainer - Level III Certification


• Commercial and Residential structure and personal property Xactimate estimating
• Xactimate Training: Train beyond just using the software but how to be an efficient and effective Xactimate estimator.
• Personal Property 2071 appraisals

• Consulted on business/personal property losses ranging from $100k to $20m
• Total loss inventory and salvage valuation in excess of $10m for both RCV and ACV
• Damage appraisal of high-value load content including art, collectibles, and antiques
• Carrier and Contractor Xactimate training from individuals to conferences


Our staff is comprised of estimators from On Demand Estimates, our fantastic estimate writing sister company.